Woodfire CX12

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A truly modern freestanding boiler stove. It has a low 1.8kW output to the room making it best suited for new and highly efficient houses, the remaining 9kW is used to heat water for radiators or for domestic use. It also has the ability to run completely on external air, allowing it to operate independent of the room - perfect air tight houses. The CX12 is most efficient when connected to a thermal store so the excess heat produced is contained in water then can be used when necessary.

An optional automation panel and thermostatic air controller is available, this uses two temperature sensors (one in the boiler and one in the heat store) to give you an indication of when to load more fuel. Included with this is an inline damper for the outside air connection, this means a temperature can be set and the damper will automatically open and close as necessary to obtain this.



• 9kW to water, 1.8kW to room
• 82% efficiency
• Optional automation panel/direct air regulator
• 100% direct air connection available
• Can be connected to pressurised systems

Overall Height (A) 828mm
Overall Width (B) 520mm
Overall Depth (C) 450mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D) n/a
Width to Centre of Top Flue (E) 260mm
Depth to Centre of Flue (F) 150mm from rear
Output 1.8kW to Room/9kW to Water
Efficiency 82%
Airwash System Pre-heated
Construction Steel
Flue Outlet Top
Flue Size 150mm / 6"
Flue Type Open
Grate Type Wood Burning
Guarantee 2 Years
Defra Exempt No
Additional Finishes None
Ideal Log Length
Review by Jonathan Barlow on Fri, 29/05/2015

A great stove which can effectively heat an entire house but it is of utmost importance to install a radiator in the same room because the output to the room is really low. Likewise, it is critical for the house to be well insulated.