Morso 6148 Wood Burning Stove

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A Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a Legal Requirement when installing a Stove

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The Morso 6148 is a wood burner from the 6100 range of stoves, all of which were designed by the respected Danish designer Karsten Aagaard. It stands out from the rest in the 6100 series with its pedestal design, while its technology and features are very similar to other stoves in this series, especially the 6140 model. Just like the latter, the 6148 is very modern but highly elegant with stylish curves giving it a timeless quality. Likewise, it is built exclusively from recycled cast iron, which according to the manufacturer, ensures ultimate performance. It also comes with large glass window which gives it an additional appeal by providing a marvelous view of the fire.

Inside the 6148 model is Morso's high-performance combustion technology which utilises preheated air. This keeps the temperature in the firebox high enough for the flue gases to burn almost entirely. On the one hand, this technology makes the stove more friendly to the environmental and on the other, ensures high efficiency which is at the amazing 80.1%. Just like other stoves in the 6100 series, the 6148 has also been tested to meet the environmental regulations, including the Defra's requirements for the exempt appliances. This means that it can also be used in Smoke Control Areas.

Overall Height (A) 950mm
Overall Width (B) 451mm
Overall Depth (C) 386mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D) 777mm
Width to Centre of Top Flue (E) 225.5mm
Depth to Centre of Flue (F) 193mm from rear
Output 5.0kW
Efficiency Net 80.1%
Airwash System Preheated
Construction Cast Iron
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Size 125mm
Flue Type Open Flue
Grate Type Fixed Grate
Guarantee 10 Years
Defra Exempt Yes
Additional Finishes
Ideal Log Length Up to 30cm
Review by K. Fitzgerald on Wed, 03/06/2015

My wife instantly fell in love with Morso 6148 for its beautiful design. I must admit that I had second thoughts about buying this stove due to its price but eventually had to give in. It indeed looks beautiful but the thing that matters the most is that it does its job, is easy to use and doesn't need much care/maintenance. Unless having a very tight budget, the Morso 6148 is an excellent choice.