Charnwood C-Four Wood Burning / Multi Fuel

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We're very fond of this little British-made Charnwood classic. The Defra Approved C-Four is a recent update of Charnwood's long-standing best-selling Country 4 and is already outselling it. Its beautifully gentle curves are neither traditional or ultra modern which means the C-Four will work well with any interior or fire surround style. It's at the higher end of stove efficiencies (78.3%) and has a nominal heat output of 4.9kW so that there is no requirement for an air vent in a pre-2008 house.

It features one single push / pull air control for very easy operation and this provides lots of subtle control over the combustion process (on some other makes of stove this control is almost limited to 'on and off') to give you a heat range between 2.0kW and up to 5.5kW depending on the fuel load. At the base of the C-Four is a sealed air box where the mix of primary (lower) and secondary (upper) combustion air is blended. The air box also incorporates the main air inlet at the rear which can be easily connected to an external air supply. This means that the C-Four does not need to consume the hot air it's just created or cause unwanted drafts. The secondary air is pre-heated to deliver an effective and efficient air wash down the inside of the glass to help keep it squeaky clean. The C-Four fire chamber is lined with steel plate (there are no traditional firebricks required) to maximise the log length (250mm / 10").

The wood burning only variation of the C-Four has a minimalist fire chamber as there is no grate or ash pan. This means that you're not paying for anything that you really don't need, thus helping to make the C-Four an attractive buy (as well as its very good looks). Neither do you have to pay for a Defra Smoke Exempt kit (it's already factory configured for burning wood in Smoke Control Areas) or an External Air Kit, the air box is standard (you just need a basic connecting duct and external grille). Options include a rear heat shield (great for mobile homes subject to regulations) and a log store stand for practical added-visual presence. The C-Four also comes in a choice of 8 paint finishes including Almond (Ivory) and standard black.

Overall Height (A) 560mm (Standard Low leg)
Overall Width (B) 416mm
Overall Depth (C) 373mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D) 458mm
Width to Centre of Top Flue (E) 208mm
Depth to Centre of Flue (F) 131mm from rear
Output 4.9kW
Efficiency Net 78.3%
Airwash System Yes
Construction Steel Body, cast iron door
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Size 125mm (5")
Flue Type Open Flue
Grate Type Wood Burning / Riddle Multi-fuel
Guarantee 10 Years
Defra Exempt Yes
Additional Finishes Additional Colours
Ideal Log Length Max 255mm (10")
Review by Ethan Joyce on Wed, 03/06/2015

The thing I love the most about this stove is how easy it is to operate and how quickly it warms up the room even when the temperature is very cold. Without burning a hole in my pocket! Also, it is a quality built stove that was made to last.

Review by Crystal Moody, Essex on Sat, 22/11/2014

We really wanted a cream stove so decided to buy the Charnwood C4 in Almond. All our friends have commented on how gorgeous it looks! It also seems to be very well made and we had no problems learning how to use it efficiently. Would recommend to anyone!

Review by Anonymous on Wed, 15/10/2014

Bought this stove as we wanted to buy British Made and so far we are very pleased with it. It is easy to control and economical to run.