Wood Burning Stoves and Cookies

At Wood Burning Stoves we don't care much for 'invasive' cookies either, you know the kind of thing, so we don't use them on this website. However, we do use some 'non-invasive' cookies that are designed to help you get the best out of our website. 

Cookie Policy

1 Please note that our Cookie Policy applies to any of our websites and on other third party websites that we use, such as YouTube and Facebook, and is designed to comply with the EU e-Privacy Directive, which changed UK law in May 2011. This covers how we use cookies for storing information about our website visitors on their computer, internet enabled tablet or smart phone and how we protect your rights. 

2 We are keen to protect each customer's privacy and therefore our use of cookies has always been limited to basic 'non-invasive' information and they are used only in the context of conducting legitimate business online.

3 We use some cookies to keep track of your input when you complete one of our online forms or when using our shopping cart. These are known as session-id cookies and this is their sole purpose. Such cookies are temporary and only remain on your device until you leave our website.

4 We also use basic analytics cookies, for example from Google Analytics, for simple data collection where any potentially identifiable information remains anonymous, such as  counting the number of visitors to our website. Such data may be shared with our website / SEO agency to help us to improve our website content and your experience  when you visit us. Please note that Google Analytics reserve the rights to the data that it collects.

5 Any data that Wood Burning Stoves process is only used by us or our website / SEO agency (the people who help us to build our website) and is only used by them to help us to provide you with the service that you have directly requested.

6 We cannot identify you personally from any of the information that we collect from our cookies.

7 By using the Wood Burning Stoves website you will be consenting to our use of such cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. 

8 If you do not agree with the way that we use cookies then please re-set your browser settings accordingly or simply leave the Wood Burning Stoves website. Your internet browser has probably been automatically set to accept cookies and if you modify these settings it may affect how our website operates for you and limit your interaction with it. Remember, if you do wish to leave our website because of our use of cookies, we are always happy to receive telephone calls or emails to discuss our products and your specific requirements.

9 If you do consent to our use of cookies by using our website then the regulations state that we are not required to obtain such consent on any subsequent occasions when you visit and you use the same computer, internet enabled tablet or smart phone, provided our use of cookies or our Cookies Policy have not changed.

10 Wood Burning Stoves does not accept any liability for any cookies on other websites which link to our website or websites that we link to.