Stoves with Direct Air

A stove with a Direct Air option, sometimes known as External Air or Outside Air, is an essential requirement for anyone specifying a stove which is to be installed inside a post-2008 low energy house, a well-insulated home or a living space with an extractor fan or other mechanical extraction. They're a good idea anyway, since the combustion air taken from outside the building allows the stove to perform safely and independently from the air inside the room. This means that it's safer for the room's occupants who are not in competition with the stove for their air, the stove doesn't consume the hot air it's just created and any potential drafts from colder air movements from other parts of the house are eliminated. The other great thing is that more and more stoves now offer you this. Some manufacturer's may charge you for an optional extra External Air 'box' (as well as the ducting kit), whilst other stove manufacturers have made External Air capability a standard built-in feature, so that it's up to you whether you use it or not (External Air Ready). However, not all stoves with the External Air feature can claim that the stove will only use external air. Some come pretty close but it is only the prestigious (and rare) DIBt designation, which guarantees this. It means that the stove has undergone rigorous testing to German Institute of Building standards to ensure that 100% of the combustion air the stove uses is only taken from the outside.

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