Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi fuel configured stoves and boiler stoves are still by far the most popular choice for many first-time stove buyers and those switching from a coal burning open fire. There's comfort in the knowledge that you can easily switch between fuels depending on availability and especially for long periods of slumber burning where coal and smokeless fuels excel. Having said that, most of our customers only ever end up burning wood in their multi fuel stove – it's cheap, it's plentiful and it's sustainable and virtually carbon neutral. Still, it's nice to have the option. Multi fuel stoves feature an open fire grate to allow combustion air to pass through it for efficient mineral fuel burning. Some manufacturers, like Dunsley and Charnwood, offer nicely engineered opening and closing grates which also act as an external riddler to help keep the combustion air passage clear. When closed these grates provide a good flat 'air-free' base for switching to effective wood burning. Good to have if you can afford it, but not entirely essential.

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