Schott Atmosfire Dry Wipe

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Many stoves feature advanced airwash systems, these reduce the clouding of the glass caused by combustion by-products. These systems are only so effective and eventually there will be a build up of soot, reducing the visibility of the flames.

The Schott Atmosfire Dry Wipe is a fast, easy way of removing this build up from the glass. The wipe has two sides; one has a special surface that effectively and thoroughly but gently cleans away soot, the other is especially designed to be slip proof and provide a firm grip.

This wipe needs no detergents or water to work.

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Review by Zachary Sharp on Wed, 29/04/2015

The Schott Atmosfire Dry Wipe is a must-have if you want to keep the glass of your stove clean without much effort. Recommended for daily use.

Review by Betty Roberts on Mon, 02/03/2015

I use this on my stove every morning!! A few seconds of wiping and the glass is really clear, definately recommended