Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Honeywell H450EN
Carbon Monoxide Detector / Alarm

The Honeywell H450EN Carbon Monoxide Detector / Alarm is an easy to install and reliable CO alarm which will instantly alert you in the event of CO presence. In addition to creating noise, it also signals the presence of the potentially lethal gas by flashing red light, so that everyone in the room can either hear or see, or both, the CO alarm and get to safety on time.

The device complies to the requirements for domestic CO alarms as stipulated in the Building Regulations Document J as well as British Standard (BS) EN50291: 2001. Also complying with the Irish SWIFT8 requirements, the Honeywell CO alarm comes with a 6-year warranty, while its operational life is approximately 7 years. It doesn't require replacement of batteries, sensors or any other components/parts and features the so-called 'self test' function for the peace of mind that the device is in perfect working condition.

Click here to go to an official website if you're concerned about carbon monoxide

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Review by Patrick Bailey on Fri, 24/04/2015

Really easy to put up. And my family are all still alive so must be working well!!!

Review by Dylan Burton on Sun, 05/04/2015

Easy to install, discreet and reasonably priced. Good value for money!