05.10.2015 Hygge: the art of being proper Danish

dan skan cartoon

Pronounced 'hoo-ga', hygge is said to be the art of making homes nicer and people happier and according to the BBC it is now being taught in a London college. It's a kind of no-nonsense version of feng shui, the Chinese philosophy of harmonising everyone with their surroundings, but much, much more than that. Hygge is to be felt and understood rather than simply put into words and it is said to be why the Danes are amongst the happiest people in the world. When translated into English as 'cosiness' it kind of misses the point. Sitting around the stove on a cold night sipping mulled wine with a load of friends, cuddling up under a duvet with a good read or a big family get-together with good home-made food – are all examples of hygge. It's part of the DNA at Dan Skan stoves (probably the best stoves on the planet). There's a little cartoon drawn in 1967 by their founder Gerd Heybey which they use in their brochure every year and it sums up hygge and the Dan Skan culture perfectly.


For the BBC article about hygge please click here.