Morso 2110 Panther

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A Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a Legal Requirement when installing a Stove

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In our opinion the 8kW Panther is easily one of the best looking double-door stoves around, delivering a timeless elegance, but with a strong physical presence, to make a wonderfully practical heating solution for the larger room and fireplace, whether they are of traditional or contemporary style. Although there's no doubting that the Panther is a big stove (it takes a whacking 400mm / 16" log), being a Morsø it is also supremely controllable and very easy to light with a primary air control on each door and a discrete secondary air control lever under the ash lip.

To be honest, we've never been a big fan of double door stoves (although they have their uses) for two reasons: the door joint in the middle generally obscures a big chunk of the fire and the handle mechanism invariably requires two (gloved) hands to safely close the doors. Not so, with the Panther. Its superior strength quality cast iron doors allow for much bigger windows so the door joint is actually quite minimal leaving you with a great view of the big fire chamber. In addition Morsø have taken note of all the other bad closing mechanisms and were determined not to repeat them. The result is a set of doors that are as easy to securely close as a single door and by using the Panther's single handle with just one hand. We had a Panther on live display for about two years and it remained as simple to close as the day that we first installed it. For a long time we relied on the Panther in our showroom as our primary heat source and it never disappointed.

The cleanheat Morsø 2110 Panther has a very effective air wash system, a useful external riddler (for mineral fuel burning and dust free riddling), a removable safety door handle, external air capability (optional) and naturally comes with Morsø's outstanding 10 year bodywork warranty.

Morsø 2110 Panther Multi Fuel Stove Features
• Premium quality cast iron construction
• Primary Air for mineral fuel (smokeless coal) burning
• External riddler for dust free mineral fuel riddling
• Pre-heated Secondary Airwash system for clear glass
• Superior single-handed door closing
• Option for external/direct air connection

Overall Height (A) 605mm
Overall Width (B) 598mm
Overall Depth (C) 443mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D) 490mm
Width to Centre of Top Flue (E) 299
Depth to Centre of Flue (F) 145mm from rear
Output 8kW
Efficiency Net 72%
Airwash System Preheated
Construction Cast Iron
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Size 150mm
Flue Type Open Flue
Grate Type Riddle
Guarantee 10 Years
Defra Exempt No
Additional Finishes None
Ideal Log Length up to 40cm
Review by Peter Thomson on Tue, 17/02/2015

The 2110 Panther heats our home quickly, effectively and efficiently, and continues to emit heat long after the fire is out. If burned late into the night, our living room is still warm in the morning. Also, it is a good looking and quality built stove. I'm certain that it will continue to keep us warm for years to come. It's worth every penny!