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The highly efficient Graphite 5 multi-fuel stove uses a unique Heat Conveyor system, drawing in cooler air which then heats up as it passes around the stove. The air is released back in to the room providing more warmth at no extra fuel cost. Combining this with the radiated heat means the Graphite 5 will quickly and efficiently heat up a room. Utilising pre-heated tertiary air allows this stove to operate at the very high efficiency rating of 84.3%, making it cleaner, better for the environment and cutting your fuel costs.

The construction comprises of a heavy duty, robot welded steel body with a 10mm thick top along with a high quality cast iron door and fire back-plate. Capable of producing up to 5kW of heat, the Graphite 5is available with top or rear flue outlet and comes with a 5-year warranty. Thanks to its clean combustion, low emissions and exceptional fuel efficiency, the stove has also been included to the list of Defra exempt appliances which means that it is allowed in Smoke Control Areas as well.

Overall Height (A) 582mm
Overall Width (B) 420mm
Overall Depth (C) 385mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D) 433mm
Width to Centre of Top Flue (E) 210mm
Depth to Centre of Flue (F) 135mm
Output 5kW
Efficiency 84.3%
Airwash System Pre-heated
Construction Steel body, Cast iron door and back-plate
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Size 125mm/5"
Flue Type Open
Grate Type Multi-fuel
Guarantee 5 Years
Defra Exempt Yes
Additional Finishes None
Ideal Log Length
Review by Roberto Davis, Newcastle on Wed, 25/03/2015

Brilliant stove, very easy to light and control. Powerful amount of heat from it. Very pleased.

Review by Leon Buckley on Wed, 11/02/2015

A fantastic stove! It is very clean, fuel efficient and easy to operate. A fantastic price as well considering the construction quality and the fact that it is a Defra approved stove. Highly recommend it!

Review by T Jeffries, Cumbria on Sat, 10/01/2015

Had this stove fitted just in time for Christmas and bought a load of supposedly 'seasoned' wood which caused us no end of problems with black glass and no heat. A neighbour gave us some of his wood and gave us a demo on how he burns his stove. What a difference! We're so pleased now and the neighbour thought it was better than his. We have a big 16' x 16' drafty Victorian room with very high ceilings and the two radiators that hardly make a dent. We were worried that 5kw wouldn't be enough but we didn't have space in the fireplace for anything bigger or wider so we went for the Graphite because it was the only small stove that we could find that would also convect heat around the room. When the kids go to bed we fire up the stove and turn the heating off and we only use about 5 good sized (10") logs a night and this gives us more than enough heat to get us to bed time. In fact we wouldn't want a bigger stove even if we could fit one now.
The build quality is really very good and the glass is fairly clean in the morning. My only criticism would be that it would be nice to be able to turn it down a bit more but I've been told that this is because it is a Defra approved stove to stop causing smoke. Even though it was a bit of a compromise for us we thought we'd let you know that its turned out to be a brilliant buy and we love using it - but beware bad wood.