Stovax Spray Glass Cleaner

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Glass cleaning spray suitable for all wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

Will remove smoke stains and creosote from stove glass. Best used frequently to prevent large build up of deposits


  • Ensure surface is cool and free from dust
  • Lightly spray on to affected areas and leave for up to 5 minutes
  • Using a damp cloth, wipe gently to remove deposits
  • Use an absorbant cloth to ensure surface is completely dry
  • Repeat if necessary
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Review by Mia Moran on Fri, 22/05/2015

A great glass cleaner which effectively and effortlessly removes smoke stains from the glass. However, it is crucial to clean the glass on a regular basis. Once there is a think creosote buildup, you can't avoid rubbing no matter how strong and effective glass cleaner you use. In my opinion, it is one of the best glass cleaners you can buy. I'm definitely sticking with it.

Review by J Thompson, Derbyshire on Sat, 14/03/2015

My old method of cleaning involved blood sweat and tears even after this chaotic ritual the glass was still a bit dirty , not any more! it takes a few minutes and the glass is spotless thank you!!!