Boiler Stoves

Boiler stoves – the cost-effective central heating solution.

At Wood Burning Stoves we've found that for many people wood burning and multi fuel boiler stoves have never lost their attraction as a cheap form of primary heat for their homes. For newcomers, wood burning boiler stoves represent the tried and tested, user-friendly, ultra-reliable renewable heat source. Tried and tested because boiler stoves have been around for years and are just getting better and better – and more efficient. User friendly and ultra reliable because they're low-tech and simple to control so there's really not that much that can go wrong with them. And finally, a renewable heat source, because they burn cheap and plentiful carbon neutral wood. When combined with solar power they deliver a reliable energy independent heating solution all year-round.

You've now got a growing choice too. From the benchmark multi fuel boilers made by Dunsley – their Yorkshire boiler is quite literally in a class of its own being the only Defra Approved wood burning boiler, to Ireland's all-time best-selling Olymberyl® Aidan®, the 24/7, 365 days-a-year workhorse that graces virtually every other Irish home. Plus plenty more stove boilers in between, all competitively priced and all with FREE delivery and expert advice as standard.

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