Wood Burning Stoves

How to Choose the Right Size Wood Burning Stove?

When choosing the right size wood burning stove, you should consider much more than just the size of the room. Factors such as window areas, insulation and your climate also play an important role in how well the room will be heated. So when you are using stove heat output calculators, make sure that they include the insulation factor as well. You are highly recommended to avoid the temptation to (just in case ) buy a larger stove because you will not be able to operate it energy nor cost efficiently. Also, keep in mind that the logs you burn matter as well in both heat output and cost efficiency of the stove. You are recommended to burn only fully seasoned hardwood logs.

What is ‘Exempt’ Wood Burning Stove?

If you live in Smoke Control Area, you will be recommended to look for an ‘exempt’ wood burning stove. ‘Exempt’ refers to the DEFRA ‘authorised’ stoves that have been tested and approved for Smoke Control Areas. You can find ‘exempt’ stoves on the DEFRA website or ask your retailer for an advice in the selection of appropriate stove. It is highly important to keep in mind that within Smoke Control Area, you are not allowed to use any smoke producing appliances including wood burning stoves with the exception of those that are determined by the DEFRA as ‘exempt’.

Are Wood Burning Stoves Cheaper Online?

Not necessarily but it is often possible to find high quality stoves at considerably lower prices online. This is due to the fact that online retailers have considerably less expenses with their stores than their offline counterparts who need to buy/rent appropriate place on a buyer attractive location, keep employees and the store open regardless of how many or little potential buyer visit it. Therefore they cannot afford to keep their prices as low as those who run online stores with a compact team and sell their products literally 24/7 at no additional costs. They also do not need large showrooms to display their products. This is why they can generate more profit even if they sell their products at lower prices.

How Much Money Will I Save with a Wood Burning Stove?

This depends on the size of your home, efficiency of the chosen stove and efficiency of wood you burn, and the type of heating you are currently using. However, if we know that 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) of heat produced by wood burning costs about one fifth of the same amount of heat produced by electricity and about one third of that produced by gas and oil, you can easily calculate how much money you will save by switching to wood burning stove. Please note that the calculation above counts only for the most efficient stoves that are burned with fully seasoned, quality hardwood logs.

Where to Look for Licensed Installers with Reasonable Fees?

Ask your friends, colleagues or co-workers if they can recommend you a professional to install your new wood burning stove or ask your retailer for an advice. Stores that are specialised in wood burning stoves and equipment typically know which installers will get the job done professionally without leaving you with an empty pocket.