Wood Burning Stove Sales - Pros and Cons

Wood Burning StoveAre you considering buying wood burning stove on a sale but aren't sure if it is a good idea? If so, it may be worth to take a closer look of pros and cons of this option:

Pros of Buying Wood Burning Stove on a Sale

- Lower price. Buying wood burning stove on a sale can save you a great deal of money. So if you're tight on money but don't want to give up the quality (and you shouldn't!) or simply don't want to spend more on a new stove than necessary, it is most certainly a good idea to look for wood burning stove sales.

- Getting the highest quality for less. Just because the stove is offered on a sale that doesn't mean it is inferior to those at the regular prices in any aspect. On the contrary, stoves on sales are typically just as appealing, efficient and durable as those at the regular prices.

Cons of Buying Wood Burning Stove on a Sale

- Limited choice. Most retailers offer only a few pieces of wood burning stove on a sale which means that finding the perfect one for your home among the discounted models can be quite challenging. Also, there is often only one or two pieces of a single model available which means that you can't afford to think about it too long if you don't want it to be sold out when you finally make up your mind.

- Generous discount doesn't necessarily mean cheap price. Just because the stove is offered 50% off the original price that doesn't necessarily mean extremely low price. In fact, some stoves on a sale can be more expensive than the ones offered at the regular price. Also, the amount of discount tends to vary greatly from one model to another, so don't automatically expect a 50% lower price.

- Ex-display stoves. Wood burning stoves that are offered on sales are often ex-displays which means that they were opened and closed by many people. Buying an ex-display stove isn't the same as buying an ex-display computer for instance, however, some people don't like the idea of buying products that used to be display items.

- Older models. You will never find a brand new model on wood burning stove sales. So if you want to save money, you will need to satisfy yourself with the last year's model or even an older version. This is not an issue if you are looking for a traditional design but you are highly recommended to keep in mind that older model sometimes also means older technology and possibly even lower efficiency.

- Lower or no guarantee at all. Most retailers offer full guarantee on wood  burning stoves on a sale as well but don't assume that you're getting regular guarantee, especially if the price is extremely low. So read the terms and conditions very carefully before buying.