Wood Burning Stove Reviews

Charnwood C Five SceneChoosing the right wood burning stove can be very challenging, especially if you never had one before. The selection of styles, technologies and sizes/outputs is really enormous which is very good because it means there is a stove out there to meet just about everyone's needs. But it isn't difficult to get confused about the many options available.

Other People's Experience

It always helps to see other people's experience before buying anything you aren't sure about. People like to rate and comment all sorts of products including wood burning stoves, no matter if they are satisfied with them or not. However, it is highly important to take some time and read as many reviews as possible, especially the reasons why they are or aren't satisfied with a particular stove. Sometimes, it is not the stove that is the issue but improper selection.

There are a number of factors that play an important role in the stove's performance including property size, insulation, average winter temperatures, etc. And if these factors aren't considered when buying a new wood burning stove, there is a great chance that you'll be disappointed. So when reading home owner's/buyer's reviews, pay close attention to the reasons given for their satisfaction/dissatisfaction with a particular stove.

Always Keep in Mind Your Own Specific Needs

Just because a particular stove has great reviews that doesn't necessarily mean it is a good choice for you too. Generally, you are safe with products that have excellent reviews but before buying things such as a wood burning stove, you should consider your very own specific needs such as the previously mentioned home/room size, insulation and the usual winter temperatures. Even a better idea is to ask an expert to review your home and recommend you the optimal solution. And if you live in a Smoke Control Area, remember that your choice is limited to DEFRA approved wood burning stoves.

Bottom Line

Wood burning stove reviews are without a doubt very helpful, especially if you don't know which stove to choose. As mentioned earlier, the ratings and comments - especially the negative ones - aren't always justified but generally, user reviews are a good indicator of quality. Of course under condition that the end verdict is based on a sufficient number of reviews. The opinions about what is sufficient number are divided but you obviously can't rely on a handful reviews. You are also recommended to take some time to read user reviews on different websites rather than only one even if there are hundreds of comments on a particular stove model. But again, keep in mind your own needs. If you are having difficulties deciding which wood burning stove to choose, you are recommended to contact an expert for an advice.