Wood Burning Stove-Powered Central Heating

Varde Aura stoveWood burning stoves can be made a part or substitute of the existing central heating system and heat the entire home as well as domestic water. By using a wood burning stove for central heating, you can further reduce your monthly heating bills, especially if you currently use electricity to power your central heating system. Also, why heat only a single room when you can heat the entire home.

How Does Wood Burning Stove-Powered Central Heating Work

Many solutions exist to meet just about everyone's needs and preferences but the majority of wood burning stoves that are used for central heating work by heating the water in the boiler which in turn heats the radiators. This means that some of the heat produced by the stove is used to heat the water. The majority of home owners who switched to wood burning stove-powered central heating, however, say the room with the stove isn't any colder or less pleasant than before.

Do I Need to Replace the Existing Stove to Effectively Heat the Entire Home

In order to be able to effectively heat your entire home using a wood burning stove, the latter must have adequate heat output. If you live in a smaller, single-storey and well insulated home with two or three small to medium sized rooms, your existing stove may be powerful enough considering that one radiator needs about 1.5kW. Now, if you would also like to use it for domestic hot water, then you should add another 2.5 to 3kW per person. Please note that this are rough estimations and that the heat output required to effectively heat your home also depends on factors such as insulation, size of your home/rooms, the usual winter temperatures in your area and the desired average room temperature. So before you contract an installer to connect a boiler to your existing stove or replace it with a more powerful one, you are recommended to contact an expert to calculate the heat output required.

What Do I Need to Run Central Heating by a Wood Burning Stove

If your current wood burning stove is powerful enough to heat the entire home, you only need to add a boiler to hold and pump hot water to radiators. But if you are buying a new wood burning stove and intend to use it for central heating, you can buy the stove and boiler separately. Also worth considering is a boiler or inset stove, both of which are a lot easier to install.

What is the Cost of Installation of a Wood Burning Stove-Powered Central Heating

The cost of installation of a wood burning stove-powered central heating is comparable to the cost of installation of other central heating solutions.