Wood Burning Stove Installation

DIY projects have experienced a boom in the recent years, mainly thanks to the Internet where you can find highly detailed and easy to follow how-to instructions to do just about everything from repairing a leaky tap to building solar panels. And considering that the times are tough, installing a wood burning stove by yourself may sound tempting. After all, what can go wrong if you follow the online instructions carefully? A lot! Installing a wood burning stove by yourself can be very dangerous if you are not a professional because even the slightest error can seriously jeopardise your family’s safety either by increasing the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. We therefore strongly recommend you to leave over installation of your new wood burning stove to the professionals.

According to the UK building regulations (Approved Document J Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems), all works involving appliances burning solid fuels, chimneys and flues must be carried out by a HETAS registered installer. Any works that are carried out by an unregistered person must be inspected by a local Building Control Officer in order to make sure that they comply with the building regulations. If you hire a registered installer, you do not need to notify your local Building Control department because registered professionals can self-certificate their work. This means that you are not forbidden from installing a wood burning stove by yourself, however, you are highly recommended against it due to mentioned safety risks.

Wood burning stove does not only involve the installation of the appliance itself but it also involves inspection of the chimney in order to make sure that it is structurally sound and that it complies with the building regulations requirements. If there are any problems or if it is leaking, it must be relined. And then, there is the flue system, hearth and ventilation all of which play the key role in safety and efficiency of the stove as well. Installation of a wood burning stove involves lots of work and considering that a potential error can be very dangerous, it simply is not worth to take the risk.

How Much Does Installation of Wood Burning Stove Cost?

How much a registered installer will charge you for his work depends on several factors including the condition of your chimney, flue, hearth and ventilation. Obviously, the more the work the higher the price but the overall cost of the installation will also depend on whom you hire to do the job. In general, the prices of registered installers range about £1,000 if your chimney is in good condition to £2,000 or more if the chimney is in extremely poor condition or if it needs to be created from scratch. But since the prices between one installer to another can vary for hundred pounds or more, it is a good idea to contact multiple ones for a quote. Another good idea is to ask your retailer for an advice because they typically have the necessary information about both the price and expertise of installers in your area.