The Importance of Having Your Chimney Swept Professionally

Stockton 5 sceneWood burning stoves don't need much care and maintenance but there are a few tasks which are of utmost importance to ensure their safety and efficiency. Unfortunately, the chimney which requires a special care is often ignored. As a result, many home owners are at risk of a potentially devastating fire.

The Danger of Chimney Fire

Chimney fire is a serious threat if not having it swept by a professional chimney sweep at least once a year. Why? Because the creosote buildup on the inside of the chimney can ignite and cause fire. High temperatures generated by the burning creosote can cause serious damage to the chimney and if there are any cracks or holes, the fire can spread to the rest of the home and possibly even lead to loss of life. But there is a very easy way to eliminate the risk of chimney fire altogether – having the chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep.

Cleaning the Chimney Yourself

We may be living in a time in which every penny matters but you are advised to resist the temptation to clean the chimney yourself. Firstly, it is a very messy and physically demanding job and secondly, cleaning the chimney with a brush attached to a pole won't remove potentially very dangerous creosote effectively, not to mention that walking on the roof is very dangerous by itself.

In addition to having the knowledge and all the tools required to remove creosote effectively with minimal mess, professional chimney sweep will also check your chimney for signs of damage that can pose a safety risk or affect your stove's efficiency. Simply put, it isn't worth to bother and in the end worry if you cleaned the chimney thoroughly enough. Also, most insurance companies require to have your chimney swept at least once a year to comply with the insurance contract. Needless to say, they don't recognise DIY chimney sweeping.

How Many Times You Should Have Your Chimney Swept

How many times you should have your chimney swept to avoid the risk of chimney fire and ensure that your stove is running efficiently depends on several factors including the type of fuel you are burning (wood exclusively or wood plus coal), what type of stove you are using, how long/frequently you use it and some other factors. You are highly recommended to have your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweep at least once every year or more frequently if you are using multi-fuel stove or/and use the stove on a daily basis the entire season. If you aren't sure how many times you should call a chimney sweep to have your chimney cleaned, you are recommended to ask the sweep for an advice on the ideal frequency of sweeping.

How Much Does Professional Chimney Sweeping Cost

The cost of professional chimney sweeping tends to vary from one region to another but expect to pay about £50 for a basic sweeping.