HETAS Approval Explained

What is HETAS

HETAS is a government-recognised body that approves home solid fuel heating appliances including wood burning stoves. But it is also responsible for approval of solid fuels, installation of appliances and associated services. All HETAS approved wood burning stoves, fuels, installers and even retailers have to comply with very strict guidelines and pass very rigorous tests. The main goal of HETAS is to ensure that consumers have access to solid fuel appliances and related services that meet the highest quality and safety standards as well as the latest Building Regulations.

HETAS and Wood Burning Stoves

All HETAS approved wood burning stoves meet all the requirements regarding safety, efficiency, eco-friendliness and Building Regulations. HETAS approval is practically a “guarantee” that the stove you are buying has passed all tests for quality standards, safety, etc. and a “guarantee” that you are getting a good value for your money. It is important to keep in mind, however, that HETAS approved wood burning stove alone is not enough to keep your heating costs down and keep your home pleasantly warm at the same time. Energy- and cost-efficiency of your new stove depend on a number of factors. These include the stove’s heat output, size of the space, insulation of your home, quality of the logs, etc.. In order to benefit from following HETAS recommendations in regard to wood burning stoves, you are therefore also recommended to follow HETAS recommendations in the selection of firewood, installers and retailers.

HETAS Approved Firewood

The type of wood you burn has a major influence on the stove’s heat output and eco-friendliness but it also has a major influence on your overall heating costs. Softwoods such as conifers are less expensive but they also have a lower caloric value than hardwoords such as oak for instance. To achieve the desired temperature during cold winter months, you would need to burn larger quantities of softwood than hardwood. As a result, you would pay more for lower heat output. HETAS therefore recommends hardwoods over softwoods and seasoned over non-seasoned wood. The latter is high in water content and as a result, it has a significantly lower heat output than fully dried logs. At the same time, non-seasoned wood can cause smoke nuisance and problems with condensation.

HETAS Approved Installers

You do not need Planning Permission to install wood burning stove but you do need to comply with the Building Regulations. You are legally obliged to inform your local authorities if you want to install a wood burning stove even if you are only replacing the existing one. But you do not have to deal with your local authorities if you hire a HETAS approved installer. This is due to the fact that all HETAS approved installers are allowed to self-certify their work. By hiring a HETAS approved installer you automatically comply with the Building Regulations.

HETAS Approved Retailers

HETAS approved retailers have passed the organisation’s guidelines for quality of service. This also includes advice on the selection of the right size stove, type of stove, installers, etc..