The Cost of Wood Burning Stoves

inset stove sceneWood burning stoves are rapidly gaining in popularity. The main reason for the increased interest in stoves is of course lower cost per kilowatt hour when compared to heating systems that run on electricity, oil or gas. But to be able to save money on heating, you obviously need to buy a wood burning stove. And since switching to new heating systems is never inexpensive, especially to those that help you save money, we have decided to take a closer look at the cost of wood burning stoves.

How much money will you spend to heat your home at a lower cost depends on several factors including:

  • The brand of the stove. Stoves that are made by reputable brands tend to be slightly pricier than those made by “no-name” manufacturers. While the latter can be a great choice as well, it is generally a better idea to choose a branded stove because it includes many years of experience, research and dedication to quality.

  • Output. Stoves with an output of 10 kWh are more expensive than those with an output of about 4 kWh. But it is important to keep in mind that higher output does not always translate into higher savings. For advice on calculating the right size stove, please read our article “Choosing the Right Size Wood Burning Stove”.

  • Efficiency. Just like other highly efficient appliances, the most efficient wood burning stoves are more expensive than those that are not as efficient. It is a good idea, however, to spend a few pounds extra on efficiency because it will save you a great deal of money in the long term. With an efficient stove, you will keep your home pleasantly warm and burn less wood.

  • Type/model. You can generally choose between three types of stoves – free-standing, inset and boiler stoves. The last option enables you to heat your hot water and sometimes also provide a secondary heating for other rooms, while inset stoves can be built into a wall so that only the front is visible. If you would like to create a “fireplace-like” look or heat your water, however, be prepared to pay more.

  • Standard vs. authorised smokeless stoves. The standard models are less expensive than the clean ones but if you live in a Smoke Control Area, you do not have the luxury to choose.

  • At which retailer you buy. Believe it or not, but the difference in the price for the very same model made by the very same brand can reach hundreds of pounds. If you want to save money when buying a wood burning stove, you are therefore recommended to take some time for shopping around.

Wood burning stove will cost you from £500 to about £2,500. It all depends on the above mentioned factors, of course. Keep in mind, however, that this price does not include installation which will cost you another £200 to £1,500+, depending on the complexity of works and the installer you hire.