Boiler Stoves - Elegant, Convenient and Cost Effective Heating Solution

dunsley boiler stoveBoiler stoves are worth considering if you are looking for an elegant, convenient and cost effective heating solution for your home. Unlike the conventional multi fuel and wood burning stoves, boiler stoves don’t only heat a single room but they can also be used to heat the rest of your home, while some models allow you to heat domestic water at the same time.


Advantages of Boiler Stoves Over the Conventional Stoves and the Traditional Central Heating Systems

Boiler stoves offer several advantages over both the conventional wood burning stoves and the traditional central heating systems. Unlike the conventional stoves, those with back boilers enable you to run radiators and heat your entire home as well as to heat domestic water.

Technically, boiler stoves offer all the advantages of the traditional central heating systems but they take less space and look just as appealing as the regular wood burning stoves. In other words, boiler stoves offer all the functionality of the traditional central heating systems and the elegance of the conventional stoves, allowing you to create a functional, convenient, energy efficient and elegant heating system in the middle of your living room or kitchen. And if you are by chance off the gas network, a boiler stove will also provide you with fuel independence.

Disadvantages of Boiler Stoves

Although boiler stoves appear to be superior to both the conventional stoves and the traditional central heating systems, they have a few disadvantages which should be taken into account before making your final decision. The main drawbacks of boiler stoves are:

  • higher initial investment; they are more expensive both to purchase and install, especially if you want both run radiators and heat domestic water
  • the need for another hot water source during the summer because you probably don’t want to burn wood during the warm months
  • excessive heat output in the room where the stove is situated, especially if you decide for a wood burning stove with a back boiler

Things to Consider When Choosing Between Different Boiler Stoves

Besides paying attention to size/heat output, aesthetic appeal and cost, you are also recommended to consider factors below when choosing between different boiler stoves:

  • how many radiators would you like to run
  • how much heat you need in the room where the stove will be installed
  • do you want it to heat domestic water as well
  • will it be the only source of heat or do you plan to use it in combination with the existing heating system such as oil/gas boiler or solar thermal panels
  • construction of the back boiler – is it lined with glass, steel or stainless steel (those lined with glass are typically more durable)