5 good reasons to buy a stove in the Summer (if we get a Summer)

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1. Excellent availability of all stoves including popular models like the Charnwood C-range. Even some Scandinavian stoves that can take 3 to 4 weeks to order could still be fitted before the start of the heating season. So no need to compromise on stove choice or colour.

2. Excellent availability of installation slots. With the best will in the world come mid-September through to Christmas slots just disappear fast. The reality is that if you can get an installer to fit a stove quickly in the middle of the heating season then they're probably not very experienced or very good (or possibly not even Hetas registered). Good installers, like good brickies or joiners, are hard to come by.

3. Excellent availability of chimney sweeps. You should always have your chimney swept before your stove installation. In addition, for safety reasons most people wisely kick-start re-using their stove or open fire by getting their chimney swept. So, again like stove installation, convenient slots go out the window the further we get into the heating season.  

4. Time to organise any remedial building work. If your chimney sweep or installation survey identifies a problem with your chimney or chimney stack, for example because you're re-opening it after many years of neglect, then you've still got time to undertake any remedial work and at a competitive price and at a time convenient to you.

5. Last, but not least – there are always some great out of season stove bargains available in the Summer – just think of it like buying a new car just before the registration number changes. All of our stoves are discounted anyway, but this time of year we have ex-display, discontinued models, over-stocks and internet returns that all need to go to make way for new stock.

Having your new stove up and running in September means you can start saving on your central heating costs from day-1. So if you're going to buy a stove anyway, what are you waiting for?