How Much Will You Save by Switching To a Wood Burning Stove

The sales of wood burning stoves have increased dramatically in the recent years. Many British households are switching to wood burning stoves to save money on heating which has become a major financial burden, especially for families that live in older or poorly insulated homes. But since a quality wood burning stove is quite an investment (the stove actually isn't the main expense but rather its installation which costs about £1,500), you probably wonder how much will you actually save by switching to a stove.

There is no agreement on how much a wood burning stove reduces the heating bills. A recent press release by the British wood burning stove manufacturer Chesney's in which it claims that a wood burning stove can cut the heating bills for more than £300 per year therefore attracted a lot of attention. But while some claim that this estimation is too optimistic, others claim that the savings are much higher.

It is important to mention that the £300 savings were calculated by comparing the cost between wood pellets and gas per 1 kWh. The savings can even be greater if switching to wood logs although the cost of burning logs varies greatly due to the difference in their prices. These range from £80 to over £100 per one cubic metre for fully seasoned logs. If you have the space, however, you can dramatically reduce the cost of wood logs by buying unseasoned logs and letting them sit for a year. Also, the savings of switching to a wood burning stove will be greater if you are currently heating your home with electricity.

In order to calculate the savings of switching to a wood burning stove, it is also necessary to consider factors other than the cost of wood logs. In comparison to other heating systems, wood burning stoves are relatively inexpensive and generally pay off within a few seasons. In addition, you can apply for a grant for installing an environmentally friendly heating system. But as mentioned earlier, there is also the installation which often costs more than the stove itself. As much as maintenance costs are concerned, chimney sweeping is virtually the only expense. It is recommended to be done at least once per year and costs about £50.

Bottom Line

Even though it is impossible to calculate how much will you save by switching to a wood burning stove, there is no doubt that you will spend much less for heating by burning wood logs than by using gas or electricity. But it is crucial to choose an efficient stove of the right size (output). Also, keep in mind that you can burn wood logs only in DEFRA approved stove if you live in a Smoke Control Area.