Double Door Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are heating a growing number of British homes. As a result, the choice is getting bigger and bigger when it comes to both style and technology. Then there are also wood burning stoves with direct air, boiler stoves, inset stoves, etc. And then, there are single and double door wood burning stoves. Yes, choosing the right wood burning stove can be quite challenging.

Is Double Door Wood Burning Stove Right for You?

charnwood country 12 sceneThe first thing to think about is the different way the stove doors will open in the room. What would be more practical? Single or double door? Double doors obviously need more space. This brings us to another factor that should be considered - the size of the room. Double door wood burning stoves are ideal for spacious and high-ceilinged rooms.

Convenience is also an important factor to consider before making the final decision. Double door wood burning stoves usually have a bigger volume which is very convenient if you have large logs because you don't have to chop them into smaller pieces in order for them to fit into the stove. In addition, the fire lasts longer than in smaller stoves. However, keep in mind that larger volume doesn't automatically translate into greater heat output. To determine the right size wood burning stove, no matter if you decide for a single or double door version, you should focus on kW (Kilowatts Per Hour) rather than the physical size.

According to many people, one of the main advantages of double door wood burning stoves is a large viewing window which makes them very decorative, while the sight of the fire creates an inviting, alluring atmosphere. And thanks to the huge selection of styles and designs ranging from traditional to retro and ultra-modern, they can easily be incorporated in just about every room style and décor.

Does More Glass Mean More Cleaning?

Advances in technology have solved many problems. Cleaning the glass used to be a very time-consuming and strenuous task. But not any more thanks to the airwash system which is a standard feature of the majority of stoves. It works by preventing the tar from accumulating on the glass by which it provides a superb view of the burning flames. And the most important of all, it reduces the need for cleaning to occasional wiping with a damp cloth. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, double door wood burning stoves are therefore just as convenient as their single door counterparts.


Whether to choose a single or double door wood burning stove is of course up to you to decide. However, it may be a good idea to consider the advantages of double door wood burning stoves: larger capacity, longer burn time, bigger view of the flames and huge selection of styles and designs. But regardless of which stove you decide for in the end, make sure to choose the right size (heat output) and watch for efficiency. More efficient stoves have a slightly higher price but they provide huge savings in the long term through lower fuel consumption.