30.09.16 It's official: Woodlands make us feel better

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Especially in the Autumn. In a recent survey, undertaken by the Forestry Commission, an amazing 96% of people said that the dazzling spectacle of Autumn tree leaf colours improved their mood – but why do the leaves change colour so dramatically? What makes Maple leaves turn fiery red, or Beech leaves become golden? To help us understand the science behind our woodland’s most vibrant season, the Forestry Commission has put together a simple colour guide which explains how all of the different colours come about. For example, did you know that egg yokes are yellow because of the xanthophyll in plant products that the hens eat and that this also creates all of the different yellows of autumn leaves? So take a woodland walk this weekend and colour yourself happy then as the day gets colder head home to the welcoming heat from a wood burning stove. Isn't nature wonderful? For autumn walks and further information about how to colour yourself happy this autumn visit www.forestry.gov.uk/autumn or also try our friends at the Woodland Trust.

Source: Forestry Commission England. The Forestry Commission is the government department responsible in England for protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of woods and forests and increasing their value to society and the environment.