19.10.16 We need 64 million new trees

64 million trees notice

64,000,000 is a big number but that's how many new trees The Woodland Trust estimates we need to restore the UK's woodland. The UK is one of the least wooded places in Europe with Northern Ireland having less woods than most. The European average is 37% forest cover and the UK has only13% and Northern Ireland a mere 7%. Half of the UK’s ancient woodland has been lost or damaged in the past 70 years and in the last 17 years alone, over 300 ancient woods have suffered complete loss or damage, with another 600 or so under threat. Just think of all that loss of wild life and biodiversity as well as the loss of amenity for local communities. In a recent survey undertaken by the Forestry Commission an amazing 96% of people said that the dazzling spectacle of Autumn tree leaf colours improved their mood and woodlands were places where they could relax and de-stress. Sadly today our trees and woodland face the perfect storm of climate change, pests and diseases and constant destructive pressures from development and intensive land use. So over the next ten years The Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, is planning to plant a tree for every person in the UK – that’s around 64 million – and they could do with a helping hand. You could make a difference by becoming a volunteer speaker, or doing something wild in the woods or simply joining a campaign to save a local wood. The opportunities to help are endless. To find out more please click here.

Source: The Guardian – to read The Woodland Trust story in the Guardian please click here.