16.08.17 Energy company errors cost us £102 million

wrong energy bills

That's the research findings from uSwitch, the comparison website. They also found that billing mistakes involve more than 1,300,000 of us with an average over-charge of £79. Even when you spot the error and complain it will take an average of 35 days to get your money back. uSwitch say that customers having to pay for energy company mistakes is totally unacceptable and are calling on Ofgem, together with all energy suppliers, to minimise mistakes and to improve the design of bills with simpler explanations of how a bill is actually calculated. In the meantime we would urge you to check your own bills (25% of us don't!) and get on the case if you spot a mistake – remember, you can always say you'll switch if it's not quickly resolved.

Source: uSwitch – to read the whole story please click here.