16.02.16 Tiny window to reduce carbon emissions

small window to reduce emissions

Latest analysis from Oregon State University says that if we continue to emit carbon into the atmosphere at the current rate by burning fossil fuels then the earth may suffer damage which could last tens of thousands of years. The authors believe that the focus on climate change by policy-makers and the public needs to be shifted towards a much longer-term perspective and that we need to recognise that the impact that we've had on our climate simply just won't go away, not at least for hundreds of generations. The real risks and consequences of the fossil fuel, era such as the potential rise 25 metre rise in sea level, will commit the human race to massive adaptation efforts so that dislocation and migration for 10% of the population will become the only option. We can't sustain building seawalls 25m high and partial reductions in carbon emissions are not going to do the job the report concludes.

Source: Science Newsline – to read the complete article please click here