09.06.16 Coal-fired power stations should close two years early

A Conservative 'think-tank' tells the Government to phase out coal-fired power in 2023 – that's just over six years away – because, not only will it significantly cut carbon emissions and air pollution, but it will also add further impetus to clean energy projects and create jobs. They say that if the Hinkley C nuclear plant is shelved, as seems more likely with each passing day, then it could be quickly replaced by renewables. The original 2025 date for phasing out coal was widely praised but since then the Government has cut solar power subsidies, blocked onshore wind farms and closed its Green Deal energy efficiency scheme all of which, according to a report published this week by the Renewable Energy Association, has left many businesses in the sector reeling and has also slowed down the deployment of renewables. Renewable energy accounted for 22.3% of the UK’s power in 2015 – and of course the humble wood burner has also done its bit too.

Source: The Guardian and Edie Newsroom