07.03.16 Calls for huge changes to energy policy

charnwood talking logs energy policy

Or else we're all going to be in the dark and the cold – that's just about the gist of the latest thinking from the UK's National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) who were asked to recommend ways to secure a low-carbon energy system for the UK. This comes at a time when the Government has all-but ditched its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme and the cash-strapped French-owned EDF new nuclear reactor at Hinckley Point has been dealt another blow with the departure of its Finance Director. Anyway, I digress, the NIC wants the UK to become a world leader in a smart power revolution and it's all to do with removing regulatory barriers and the best bit is, that it won't cost the Government a penny. And it could save us consumers around £8billion a year. Crikey, so lets get started soon and while you're all thinking about it, pass me another log for the stove...

Source: BBC News and Edie Newsroom