06.12.16 Not just a Christmas tree...

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Every Christmas time the gentle folk of Oslo, Norway provide Trafalgar Square with its annual gift of the famously big Norway Spruce Christmas tree which they have been supplying since the end of the second world war (at over 20 metres tall, can you imagine the logistics?). The tree is a symbol of the close fraternal and commercial relationship the two countries have, which from 2021 will be even closer when the 450 mile UK / Norway North Sea Link (NSL) electricity interconnector is completed – the world's longest. So quite possibly, on the 1st December 2021, when the 500 white lights on the famous tree are turned on there's a good chance they could be lit with Norwegian electricity supplied via the NSL. With the growing concerns about the UK's ultra-low energy capacity and uncertain European energy supplies (don't mention the Russians) we should not only celebrate Christmas at the ceremonial switch-on, but on this occasion also the new stronger link with our Norwegian friends. Did you know that the Norwegians also make some great wood burning stoves? Check out the Dovre range here.

Souurce: Utility Week – to read the complete in-depth Utility Week article written by Nigel Hawkins please click here